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Rock Star Double Entendre

7 May 2008 502 views No Comment
posted by limit

Before last week, I had never heard of Misty Murphy, but wig wanted to do an interview with her. So, I checked out her myspace, her 8a, searched for youtube videos of her, looked and failed to find flickr and friendster accounts. I hacked the interpol database and repositioned satellites, all in an attempt to dig up a little background information (I’ve never actually done an interview before. I was scarred.) Here are the facts: she’s not just a climber, but a climber who cranks. She’s also the singer/songwriter of some pretty dope stuff. Her personality? Well, I guess that’s what the interview was for. Enjoy!

Limit: Good morning!
Misty: Good morning to you!
Limit: Sorry I’m moving kinda slow this morning. You know how Friday nights treat you.
Misty: Ha! story of my life!
Limit: Ok so I guess I need to start with some boring bio questions.
Misty: k
Limit: Is Misty Murphy your real name?
Misty: Yes.
Limit: How lucky you have a name that alliterates.
Limit: Age? Don’t answer if you don’t want to…
Misty: 39. I’m not afraid. I’m a cougar!
Limit: Zodiac sign?
Misty: Pisces.
Limit: Alcoholic beverage of choice?
Misty: Indica IPA, Lost Coast Brewery.
Limit: Never heard of that one, but hell yeah to IPAs.
Misty: IPAs. Yes. High alcohol content. You have to drink only a few. I love red wine too.
So it seems you’re a pretty successful singer and climber.
Misty: I guess that is all in what you consider successful.
Limit: I suppose, but if you’re releasing albums and having fun you are doing better than than a lot of people.
Misty: Oh yeah. I’m totally happy. But I’m also hyper critical of myself.
Limit: I’m sure that has its pluses and minuses–being your own worst critic. How long have been in the music biz?
Misty: I started playing in front of people at 14. I wrote and performed my first song at a school talent show. But I guess I didn’t start taking it seriously until 9 years ago.
Limit: oohhh talent shows. I wanted juggle torches. They weren’t psyched.
Misty: That would be rad!
Limit: So obviously climbing and music are both pretty important to you. Is it hard to balance both of them? (This balance question is probably the most over-asked interview question ever but I felt I had to do it…)[wig: because I told him too]
Misty: They actually compliment each other. I have times when I focus more on climbing or the music. So it is good for me to have both or else I become too obsessed with one. like playing live is so much like redpointing. If I think I’m going to screw up…I will for sure!
Limit: I’m not a musician but I think I see what you mean.
Misty: But you are climber.
Limit: Practice practice practice and then try to DO it.
Misty: Exactly.
Limit: So it kinda sounds like both passions kinda naturally balance each and helps to keep you sane and prevents an unhealthy obsession with either.
Misty: Yes. I have all of these energy. If I didn’t have climbing and music I would probably just smoke cigarettes and do heroin. (I don’t do either just for the record)
Limit: haha. I have climbing and cigarettes. Maybe I should take up music.
Misty: lol
Misty: I used to smoke. I miss it sometimes.
Limit: Good for you for quitting. Any upcoming gigs near Denver?
Misty: Nothing right now. I’m working on a summer tour which will most likely be a Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey thing.
Limit: So I’m a big fan of the Would You Rather game…WYR: be famous for music or climbing? And both isn’t an option
Misty: lol. shit. music.
Limit: Any reason why?
Misty: More bling and it would be fun to be in a music video. And have groupies.
Limit: How about a climbing music video? Like you ghost ride through Rifle.
Misty: That would be cool. I love rifle, but i think David Lee Roth already did the climbing/music vid. Very cheesy….
Limit: So speaking of Rifle…
Limit: What’s your favourite climbing area?
Misty: My home crag The Cathedral/Welcome Springs. But I love Rifle. It is such an amazing canyon.
Limit: The Cathedral looks awesome.
Misty: It is. So much to do. It is totally hidden. It’s great. The locals (non-climbers) here in St.Gizzle don’t even know it exists. And it’s a huge cave out in the middle of nowhere.
Limit: Oooohh. A cave. Werd.
Limit: So I’m gonna guess that you’re mostly a sport climber. Slap me if I’m wrong.
Misty: Yep. Whoosy sport climber
Limit: Do you dabble/crush in any other discipline?
Misty: I dabble in cracks and I like bouldering. Not so much crushing going on in those areas though.
Limit: Crushing cracks is hard.
Misty: Hell yeah.
Limit: Especially Indian Creek cracks.
Misty: Isn’t that place cool? I want to be a hippie crack climber in my next life.
Limit: haha. Indian creek is awesome. But the desert rats rule.
Misty: Quit shaving quit showering. Stare at my rack at night… (Not the rack.)
Limit: …and just stumble around in the cactus tripping on mescaline dreaming about offwidths? You could do that in this life.
Misty: lol. Maybe when I’m old and don’t care about shaving any more.
limit: So… according to your 8a, you sent route called Brewskies after a night of drinking. was that planned? I hope it was.
Misty: lol. Well I drink almost every night. But not champagne. Not planned.
Limit: I gotta give you props though for the send formula: Drink champagne night before. Pass out. Wake up. Drink coffee. Eat one coconut chocolate zone bar. Eat half of rotten banana on way to cliff. Borrow chalk from the closest Canadian. Pet the dog. Send.
Sounds almost like me. Just substitute beer and a gas station hot dog for the champagne and zone bar.
Misty: You’re not the first person who has told me that. But not the hot dog part.
Limit: Well I’m actually from Oklahoma so my diet is a little on the, uh unhealthy side sometimes. People in boulder shake their heads and stare.
Misty: Oh yeah? What do okees eat?
Limit: Junk food. Gas station hot dogs, MacDonalds, things with lots of fat and cholesterol. Nothing organic.
Misty: Awesome. Stay away from spinach. I got e coli from some a couple weeks ago
Limit: Noted.
Misty: I am sticking to ding dongs and Doritos from now on
Limit: yes! So I’m curious, would you give up drinking if you were guaranteed to send a full NUMBER grade harder?
Misty: I have prayed about that question and the answer came back “no!” straight from God. Would you?
Limit: Maybe but I think I can climb another number grade AND keep boozin’. You may be the only person I’ve ever met who says God told them to keep drinking.
Misty: lol.Mine is a very fair and kind God.
Limit: Which God?
Misty: You know. The one that looks like he’s been hangin’ out at Indian Creek. long beard, unkempt……
Limit: ahh. When was Earl Wiggins deified?
Misty: exactly

So yo. Check out her myspace. You can hear more of her music on last.fm And you can buy albums on amazon.com

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