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CCGOTW: Jessica McGinley

9 December 2008 2,828 views 4 Comments
posted by wig

Name: Jessica McGinley
Age: 23 – I’ma Libra
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma AKA T-town
Hometown: Oklahoma City
What kind of climbing do you like the most?
Hmm, probably sport, although trad is pretty exhilarating.
How long have you been climbing?
Well, let’s see. I’m thinking three years now, no maybe four.
All in Oklahoma? How is it growing as a climber in OK?
Well I climb a lot in Oklahoma, though I really dig climbing in other places, like… Red Rocks or in New Mexico
Well how was it LEARNING to climb in Oklahoma?
I have many close buddies that have taught me well, so I think Oklahoma peeps have taught me well. The Wichitas are also probably one of the best spots to learn how to trad climb.
If you could relocate anywhere today solely for the climbing where would it be?
Aww, probably northern New Mexico or somewhere in Colorado. I wish I could be more certain, though. There are too many places out there that I have not been especially out of this country! I do like the central weather though Storms are great!
What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?
One date where I saw “The Swell Season” here in T-town at the Brady. The peeps from that movie “Once.” I was mentally in another state.
What else do you aside from climbing?
Physical Therapy school and yoga. Keeps me mentally right.
Do you think it helps your climbing?
Yes very much so. Great for those tiny muscles no one would think about working, for balance, and most importantly concentration!
If you could spend a day climbing with any “professional” climber who would it be? Or would you even want to?
Not sure I would pick any certain individual, though it would be great to hang with a friendly climber that has been around the climbing block if you will. I’m always surprised how many unknowns out there… they just do their thing.
How many dates before you’ll kiss a boy?
Well, that really depends. It might be the first date or it could take until the third! I guess I just don’t typically make the first move.
What’s the biggest fashion faux pas in climbing today?
NOT having a cold beer waiting at the bottom. Yeah, that’s major.
What does that have to do with fashion?
Beer IS fashion.
Were you one of those people that made beer box outfits?
Of course! Naw, I was never in a sorority. No worries there.
If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life what would it be?
Ah, I’d likely pick Spaten Oktoberfest. No, no, Chimay! The blue one.
You would. Beer snob. Pick the most well known expensive beer there is. I see how it is.
Yeah, yeah. We all no how great it is… those monks no their shit.
That’s all they know because they can’t have sex.
Maybe, but I can. Indeed.
Favorite sex position?
Man, how could I choose!? Maybe ones where I’m in control or perhaps ones where I have NO control! Ha! I just really do not know about these questions of yours.
If sex were climbing what style climber would you be?
Well definitely not sport. Everything is already there. Too boring. Most likely high-ball or trad…I do my own sheeit.
What kind of pick up line would actually work after two or three Chimays?
Hmm, something cutting edge. Nothing with “baby.”
Like, excuse me miss you must be in the wrong place the Miss Universe pageant is across the street?
That could only work if I had Chimay AND a couple shots of Patron.
What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while super intoxicated?
Well that could be driving or maybe too much fun on a hammock and then breaking it if you catch my drift…
Anything else you want all your soon to be fans to know about you?
Maybe that my curls get crazy in the morning, and that I’m a tree dweller.
A tree dweller?
Tree dweller… yes

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  • Fake Joe Kinder
    Fake Joe Kinder said:

    Good to see ur back on track with this ISH wig!!!

    I dig the shell necklace, that shit is PRROOOPPAAAHHHHH!


    • TreedwellerJess
      TreedwellerJess said:

      Haa haa glad ye like the bonezz.. A bit o risky business that eve. You’ve got to admit that was quite the interview. ha

      • NeeDlzdos
        NeeDlzdos said:

        Nice Jessica! Showing the world that Oklahoma is the place to be.

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