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CCGOTW: Kyndal Braddick

1 July 2009 7,576 views 6 Comments
posted by wig

Kyndal Braddick
Age: 24
Location: Austin, Texas
What’s the coolest thing about Austin?
Good music scene and a bunch of climbing. Oh, and awesome Mexican food!
What’s your favorite Mexican dish?
Queso! chips! I really love veggie enchiladas with ranchera sauce.
Where’s your favorite place to climb?
I’ve been bouldering more lately and when it’s not hot as balls, I have been hitting up Roger’s Park but Hueco is definitely my favorite.
What’s the scariest thing about climbing?
Trad. Haha, I’ve had to take a couple of months off to let a pulley heal, so right now for me it’s just getting my confidence back up… I need to go take a really big fall and stop being such a pussy!
What’s the scariest thing about dating?
When you move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend and get to see how disgusting they really are… but love them regardless… have to throw that in
Who’s your favorite pro climber?
Steph Davis. She has been on the scene for quite a while and she keeps pushing herself and the limits of climbing (I was blown away when I saw The Sharp End).
If I gave you $5 and sent you in a candy store what would you come out with?
reeces pieces. I’m allergic to chocolate and they are yummy and don’t contain any! Im like ET motha fucka
Like, get sick allergic or like, throat swells up and you die allergic?
Meh. I don’t think I’ll die. I just get swollen and hives and stuff. I’m used to it now.
Still a bummer. What do you do? Are you still in school?
I just quit my job as a branch manager at Wachovia to go back to school. I’m in the pre-nursing program at ACC and working at Austin Rock Gym
That sounds… busy.
Yeah, but at least working at the gym gives me an excuse to climb more.
Do you do anything else outside aside from climbing?
I just got my first mountain bike, so I’ve been trying that out lately. And I like to drink beer in my backyard. Does that count?
That DEFINITELY counts. What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
Lip balm, my shoes (assuming there is some sweet DWS), and a tent.
You go the smart way…
Gotta be practical.
I suppose… hypothetical questions in interviews about you being a cute climber do require practical (read: boring) answers…come on you can do better what would you REALLY take?
Hmm…swimsuit, ipod…I dont know… can I take a really hot guy?
no, wait… Well if it’s deserted, and I have no chance of being rescued…then yes.


  • Uber
    Uber said:

    good pick.

    nice last answer, but i wonder…why bring a swimsuit??

    • V0
      V0 said:

      what a BAMF name for a BAMF climber!

      also, sweet mother of mary…. i leave this site for a week and sh*t is CRAZY different now!

      • uber
        uber said:

        “a really hot guy”?!?!

        that’s not what was there the first time i read it!

        • Andrew Tower
          wig (author) said:

          sorry uber… someone may or may not have gotten in trouble…
          wait… you read it again? You must like this one huh…

          • Vike
            Vike said:

            hi kyndal and matt

            • Stefania
              Stefania said:

              Glad I’m not the only one who recognized the guy in the photo.

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