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[11 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 2,537 views]

I know I know it’s been a week since we posted anything. We’re sorry. In between climbing and looking for work that actually pays money and the other two actually WORKING we’ve been… busy. Or something. Anyway. Tentatively Whiskey Wednesday is going to our friend Sonnie Trotter who is giving a slide show tonight at Neptunes in Boulder. I know that doesn’t apply to all of you and I’m sorry. It WILL be amazing.

Next is the Adventure…

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[18 Jan 2009 | 7 Comments | 2,971 views]

We are still trying to round out our end of the year awards so here’s another bunch.

Remember all of those COOL kids from your high school got that page in the yearbook with clever little predictions and stupid little attributes like best smile, biggest flirt, most likely to make a million dollars? Well none of us geeky climbers probably got those, (except me, I magically won most athletic which is odd because I weighed 114 lbs in high school…)…

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[30 Nov 2008 | 8 Comments | 2,214 views]

Sonnie Trotter. You know him. He’s that crazy guy from Canadia with a clever little tattoo on his arm. He was in some video climbing some crack. He’s sent some hard stuff, some scary stuff and some rad stuff. He’s been there and done that, and he’s actually still doing it. He finally peeled himself away from climbing rocks and doing yoga with his hot girlfriend to give P&C a few good answers to our questions. Enjoy.

Whiskey Wednesday »

[10 Sep 2008 | 2 Comments | 896 views]

Good Morning P&C and Merry Wednesday, or should I say Whiskey Wednesday! Yes, today is the day we salute those we hold in respect. This week is no different, but yet it is. With the announcement that we here at P&C are sponsoring our very first party at the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell Competition this month in Arkansas the Wig gave me a great idea. Hit the Jump to figure it out. So, this Week’s Whiskey Wednesday