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Pimpin and Crimpin is published as often as we can manage with content relevant to the rock climbers that make up the core of our community. We want to bring you articles, stories, galleries, interviews and reviews that keep you psyched. We’ll bring you fluffless, irreverent climbing reality to your little glowing box so long as you check back often. Cheers



Wig (Andrew Tower)– [email protected]

Bronco (Adam Peters)– [email protected]

Limit (Arnold Braker)– [email protected]

C-note (Caroline Treadway– [email protected]

Contributing Photographers:

Lucas Marshall– Lucasmarshall.com

Andy Chasteen– Andrewchasteen.com

Contributing Art and Design:

Valerie Willis– Val-o-rie.com

For contribution or advertising inquiries contact Andrew at [email protected]

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