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What Your Belay Device Says about you

18 May 2009 17,738 views 22 Comments
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Whether you like it or not, what you choose to belay with betrays a lot about you.

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  • Special D said:

    So true!

    • steve said:

      haha yes!

      • andrew said:

        what about the hip belay?

        • ___ is More said:

          LIMIT! this is your best yet… love this shizzzz.

          • Cm said:

            You should add on to grigri “I’m a lazy bitch that can’t go ten mins without smoking a cigarette so I can only devote one hand towards belaying you”

            • limit (author) said:

              how did you know that about me, Cm??????

              • Tendon said:

                the atc description is friggin awesome.
                aka REI hippie? thats what we call them folks up here.

                • Andy said:

                  Cause CM knows you Limit. douche waud.

                  It’s good stuff though. I sport climb with my figure eight……

                  • misty murphy said:

                    brilliant. thanks for the giggle.

                    • Pimp and Crimp This | Splitter Choss said:

                      [...] What Your Belay Device Says About You – Gri gri – I climb 5.12 bitch. Cinch – Can you handle my infinite nature? [...]

                      • Taylor fucking Haring said:

                        Dumb. Rocking a Gri-Gri tells a wall rat like me two things: 1: you sport climb too much to ever accomplish anything significant on rock, and 2: you have no idea how to escape a belay when your leader gets slammed on the head while on a wall.

                        Oh, and climbing 5.12 doesn’t mean you “climb hard.” It means you don’t climb 5.13, and therefore don’t climb hard.

                        You tossers.

                        • limit (author) said:

                          5.13 hasn’t been hard since like 1983. Wanker.

                          • r1skate said:

                            I am ALL for the 8. Got one just like it. Rapping & belay device. It rules! Gri gri’s I call gay gays. HELLO

                            • darmo said:

                              Maybe the ATC ought to say “I climb mountains in snow and rain. I climb trad, sport, do rescues and I rappel.”

                              • Stephen said:

                                well that makes me feel like a girl lol, but i have only been climbing for a few months