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Caption Contest!

6 November 2008 1,307 views 34 Comments
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Alright everyone. We’re a little more on top of things right now. We are going to have another contest and we’re going to give away some more cool gear. Only this time, things will be easier.

uh. fail.

Here’s how it’s going to work. After the jump. You’ll find a picture. You leave a caption for the photo in the comments below. To win, your comment has to be the best. You know really poignent or funny or something. I’m gonna leave the post up for 1 week. and then i’ll pick a winner.

What do you win? You win a free chalk bag from our friends over at Organic.

Anyway. Check the picture and give us the caption. Do it.

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  • Ian said:

    FOR SALE: Used bag of granola.

    • Brandon said:

      Now available in the Ultra Magnum XXXXXXL variety

      • shitake said:

        metolius, for girls so bad a paper bag just won’t do…

        • mike said:


          • Robert Kurtz, CIA said:

            If you have been foolish enough to enter this caption contest, we are contacting your employer who will not likely be pleased with your misuse of company time. As for my pawns at Slip-in and Drip-ins.com, your government has just exploited your blog readers and you have only yourself to blame. Retaliate, and we’ll Bavarian pretzel your friend Brittany to fit more properly into her haulbag…good day Sirs and Maams.

            • specialk said:

              where the fuck is my other sandal?!?!

              • Sickler said:

                With pants like these, who can blame them?

                • Cassidy said:

                  Aid rack, check; extra water, check; tag-line, check; girlfriend, check;…….

                  • Ang said:

                    Honey, does this match my pants?…………..

                    • elias said:

                      smoking a joint in here gets me psyched and nobody will notice…haha…perfect

                      • Situner said:


                        • furry said:

                          Trust me honey, its not worth wasting the money on an extra plane ticket when I can just…

                          • Oxford said:

                            Get awesome on me.

                            • fe said:

                              ass that hauls or hauling ass?

                              • andy chasteen said:

                                I can’t think of anything clever but I love the reading. Yes, I am misusing my company’s time right now. Is that BAG on the cabin deck at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch? I think it is.

                                • elias said:

                                  FUCK!!! this is soooo embarassing….

                                  • elias said:

                                    FOR SALE!!! Nazi GasFart Chamber for Climbers!!!! only $2.99… call 1-800-FUCKEDUPGEAR…

                                    p.s. after ventilating deadly gases, you can also put your gear!!!!

                                    • elias said:

                                      you will stay like that ’till you climb 5.14′s, godammit!!!!

                                      • Andrew Bisharat said:

                                        Another innocent climber being abused at Guantanamo Bag

                                        • Tendon said:

                                          ahhhhh….finally some peace and quiet.

                                          • Erica said:

                                            I promise, we’ve been doing this for years. Just put it on your head and count to 100.

                                            • D said:

                                              free the pig!

                                              • Vanessa Compton said:

                                                LOVE SONG TO MY BAG: “When I get up all in ya, we can hear the angels callin’ us, we can see the sunrise before us, and when I’m in that thing, I make that body sing: weeoo weeoo wee, weeooo weeoo wee weeoo weeoo wee…”

                                                • Vanessa said:

                                                  This is what a breach birth looks like…

                                                  • elias said:

                                                    mmmmmm this tastes like shit….yuk!!! and this one….mmm this is definetly a roach!!!

                                                    • ryan said:

                                                      I thought getting shoved into a locker sucked…

                                                      • Joshua McKinnon said:

                                                        Last night was rough…