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Whiskey Wednesday: Warm Weather and lots of others

25 February 2009 3,848 views 13 Comments
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We have been infrequent in our posting as of late and we are sorry. I would say it’s not like us, but it actually is very typical. All the same. Bronco finishes taking his BAR exam today after leaving P&C for nearly a month of studying. We are drinking heavily tonight in his honor, but not just his. I want to salute the warm weather we have been blessed with recently. It’s going to make things like the picture to the right more prevelent around your local crags. I also put that picture here because she’s A) hot B) climbing and C) I am hoping by posting it you all forgive our terrible lack of commitment to YOU, our readers over the last few weeks. There are a lot of cool things happening, so Whiskey Wednesday is going to a lot of things.

There are pre-pubescent boys sending routes way harder than you can climb.

Sharma sent ANOTHER EFFING 5.15

One of our CCGOTW’s just launched her badass new website!

This and this are some of the new best things that have nothing to do with climbing.

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  • Shane Seaton said:

    Screw another 5.15, where can I get a Lankford’s Gluttoneer. Yum-Yum

    • nobody said:

      That chick has some hairy calf muscles!

      • steven said:

        bronco, cheers to you being done with the bar

        shane, you are what i picture a carebear becomes an alcoholic

        • J V said:

          Bronco – Congrats – now you’re really fucked.

          • Hueco P said:

            Is that Banzai Knife? Cool shot….!

            • sock hands said:

              congrats on being done w/ the bar. that shit is the suck. sitting next to fools with obnoxious habits for two stressful days… surprised there are not tons more killings by pencil stabbing…. or laptop buldgeoning

              also, one of you bitches should confirm the hueco line question… looks great… need to put it on the hitlist for whenever i make it back