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[6 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | 884 views]

If you climb and you’re in the U.S. right now, chances are you’re either cowering from winter in a gym, living it up in Hueco (we hate you) or martyring yourself on your project in the freezing ass cold. This little video of features a couple of die hard winter boulderers—Luke Parady and Chad Greedy—attempting Boulder Canyon’s Super Proj in bitter conditions—and goes perfectly with a glass of warm whiskey on the couch.

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[28 Jul 2008 | 2 Comments | 115 views]

Lily Lake
Yesterday was my first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park this season and I had the privilege of bouldering with John Cardwell and Carlo Traversi. The temps were a little warm for hard sends and the mosquitos were starving, but it was gorgeous. So, I decided to soak it all in—with my camera.
John Cardwell explains what the hell is on his back to fellow hikers
There’s no place like the park, there’s no place like the park…

John Cardwell trying…

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[10 May 2008 | 7 Comments | 239 views]

To preface this post, we at P&C will be profiling crags we think are worthwhile for whatever reason. Even though we tout ourselves as sport climbing pansies, we will bring you the best areas we know of for all disciplines of this climbing lifestyle. However, the crag I am featuring in this segment is a sport climbing area, so blow me.

To me crags are broken up in categories that define something like this: 1) Destination areas, places I would basically suffer…

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Mini Pimpers and Crimpers Unite
[25 Apr 2008 | 3 Comments | 47 views]

Tribute to the 11 middle and high school kids that I spent this last week with. For those of you that don’t know, the Watershed School in Boulder is the hippest escuela out there. I was privileged enough to help teach a week long intensive on Rock climbing this week with the lovely Vanessa Compton.

What other school have you heard of that lets its kids ditch the normal curriculum for a week to figure out what this thing called rock…

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The Occasion of the Noob
[30 Mar 2008 | One Comment | 60 views]

Calling all Noobs, Gumbies, and Greenhorn climbers! Attention: Whatever attempts you make to mask your beginner status are undoubtedly going to fail one hundred percent. Its okay, you are new to climbing, you don’t know what you are doing, your foot work sucks, you are weak, and you are probably wearing a backpack while thrutching on some 5.8. Embrace it. These are the years where you are learning your craft. Although you have probably seen King Lines 25 times and…