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[31 May 2008 | 2 Comments | 1 views]

Okay, apologies all around for our recent lack of fresh material. Climbing a lot coupled with our pirated home internet connection getting swiped, has caused some problems in our posting situation. Anyhow, I have a couple things to talk about.

Numero Uno. I am frickin psyched today, I sent my project at Primo Wall!!! First rattle out of the box this morning I cruised and how sweet it is. So, onward and upward I go, in search for another obsession.…

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[28 May 2008 | No Comment | 3 views]

Good Wednesday Folks! Hope all is well in your corner of the globe and hope you get out and drink a little sourmash tonight. Whiskey Wednesday toasts are reserved for special people and special groups of people. These folks may have achieved something extraordinary, survived something harrowing, look good, or just did something stinking cool. This week’s toast is no exception. Even though the recipient of this weeks toast won’t be able to legally consume adult beverages for another 6…

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[27 May 2008 | No Comment | 14 views]

I heard about Banksy several months ago on the tele (that’s my british vernacular). I was crusing the internet today and stumbled on some of his work. May I say, amazing! Satiracal, Insightful, and down right awesome. So, if you havn’t heard of Banksy before check this out. If you click the link above you will be directed to Banksy’s website. Enjoy.

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[26 May 2008 | One Comment | 1 views]

In light of the recent ‘Cute Climber Girl of the Week’ debate, I’d like to turn everyone’s attention to Miss Prissy. If she were a climber she’d definitely be my first choice for CCGOTW (yes, I’m a girl and I think it’s great). Either way, she’s got mad skillz and does a lot of abs…Check out the fierce girlpower, you’re guaranteed to be a better dancer after watching!

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Rap Lyrics of the Week
[23 May 2008 | One Comment | 0 views]

That’s right there nigga, nigga I’m wild
Nigga I keep trash bags with me
Never know when you gotta dump a nigga out
This sin-surr, this some sin-surr SHIT right hurr!

-Threats, the Black Album (Jay-Z)

Sippin’ on some sizzurp
-Three 6 Mafia

You’re not ill, and if you are
My note pad’s full of medicine
Plus my freestyle is Excederin
Take two rounds and call me back with a new style
And show me you’re prepared for the final frontier

I spit like semi-automatic to the grill
Wutang Clan

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Wig’s Werd #2: MADLOLZ
[22 May 2008 | One Comment | 3 views]

The internetz is crazy ehn’t it? It started with Goetse and just moved on from there. Girls and cups, cats, lolz, Rick rollings, Bill O’Fuckitwelldoitlive, things I did last night, Tom Cruise and Scientology, Chris Crocker, Tila Tequila and the rest of the virtual maelstrom that does nothing but suck life from hapless “surfers” stupid enough to continue tip tapping on their keyboards. Shit, I’m watching Top Chef on Bravo now at 12:55 a.m. and I just saw a commercial that…

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[22 May 2008 | No Comment | 0 views]

Alright good and faithful P&Cers, we are extremely curious about what ya’ll are psyched on right now. May it be Alpine, clip-ups, trad, blocs, a road trip, beer, whatever, write us and tell us all about it. I’ll start.

I tried this route at our home crag last fall about 8 times and I got back on it after work yesterday. Psyched! New beta was thrown our way from Mister Matt Lloyd and I watched Derek piss all over the…

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[21 May 2008 | No Comment | 0 views]

Ahoy! It’s Wednesday folks, so I guess that means mid-week debaucherous activities shall commence, I am in the midst as we speak. Honestly, I haven’t seen much this week that impresses me to the point of a Wednesday toast, and those things that I have seen or heard about have already gone to people who have received this prestigious honor. So I started thinking about things that impress me and I’ve come up with this. My weekly award to all…

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Avery Beer Challenge
[20 May 2008 | No Comment | 0 views]

Here’s what I know about this. Dan climbs like a damned maniac. He’s strong. I’m pretty sure he could rip a medium sized phone book in half. He can also drink. I’ve witnessed this first hand. He’s talented.

It’s no wonder then that he would combine his awesome skills into one twisted hip-hop adventure when challenged with the slightly harrowing task of downing something like 6 beers and climbing Sprayathon.

Here’s to you Dan.

Thanks to Andrew B. for the vid.

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Interview with Alyrene Dorey
[20 May 2008 | One Comment | 2 views]

Coming soon…