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Whiskey Wednesday: Spring

7 May 2009 359 views 3 Comments
posted by limit

You probably think I’m day late posting this and you would be right. But I am in Rifle which means I have the ultimate get-out-jail free-card. You pretty much can’t be mad at me.

ANYWAY. I’m downing whiskey to Spring which seems like it’s FINALLY here, after an April filled not with showers but huge snowstorms. In fact, I think it snowed like four times as much in April here in Colorado than the whole rest of the year.

To climbing in shorts, approaching in flip flops.

To barbeque’s and beers on the patio.

To girls in skirts (and guys with no shirts)

To green grass and flowers, and those damned robins. And scantily clad women serving beer.

Raise your glasses to NOT fucking freezing to death anymore!

Also, bikini wearing rifle holding govenors!

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