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WTF Monkey King.

1 September 2009 2,559 views 15 Comments
posted by wig

someone showed me this video the other day. There’s a part at like 35 seconds where this dude does this really. really. really. messed up looking climbing maneuver. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how it would help at all. I don’t understand it at all. I dunno check it out. please…
Ah shit. sorry. The video won’t let me embed it, so just click this link and go watch it.



  • yosh
    yosh said:

    It looks like just a fancy way of doing a figure 4.

    • Dave Erickson
      Dave Erickson said:

      It looks like he’s inverting his body to reach a high handhold, kinda like a figure four.

      • Micah
        Micah said:

        I think that’s called the reverse mantle dyno. Could be wrong…

        • Zach
          Zach said:

          in Parkour some of the moves are done just for extra style, could just be showing off…

          • J V
            J V said:

            This is clearly the inverted buttbomb move. And a fantastic example of it too.

            • jenkins
              jenkins said:

              its like a figure m

              • automated
                automated said:

                that’s like, so last month

                • Sam
                  Sam said:

                  That is the most impressive feat of athleticism I have ever witnessed.

                  • Katie
                    Katie said:

                    wow. where do you find this stuff?

                    • youaren
                      youaren'tserious? said:

                      This move is common in India where they have to reach between their legs to mend the gaping hole left by the explosive curry they consume on a daily basis.

                      • Elliott
                        Elliott said:

                        My favorite thing about this blog is how they post something new almost everyday. Or atleast once a month. Sometimes.

                        • TheJohnP
                          TheJohnP said:

                          For real, Elliot is dead on….wheere the F*ck is some new content? Don’t yall realize we readers need a fix of P&C somewhat regularly! I’ve watched this dumb parkour shit 12 times…. What are you guys doing, climbing or something? And when did the four contributors relinquish their positions to wig…the lamest of them all? Lets get some new content on this website or i’m gonna punch a small child in the next couple of days!

                          • rstar
                            rstar said:

                            dang, somebody send that fool some climbing shoes!

                            • chuntondaface
                              chuntondaface said:


                              this was the post i found a month ago on b3

                              • JPC
                                JPC said:

                                WHAT THE FUCK.

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