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[24 Jun 2009 | 9 Comments | 2,166 views]

Sometimes I get the occasional email asking for help. I don’t mind this. Despite looking like a selfish, self-absorbed bastard (I mean look at the photo I used. It’s me. I guess I do see why people think that), I do in fact like helping others. I have no idea why people think my advice is worth shit, but I’ll dish it out like bread sticks at Olive Garden any day. Check it. Our first letter comes from Ms.Dyan

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[2 May 2008 | 4 Comments | 525 views]

Earlier this week we told you all to send in your questions for us to answer. We warned you that we are very unqualified advice givers but will not hesitate to give you the answers you seek.
Our first question comes from an old friend of ours from Okieland:
Dear P&C, How do I balance a strong desire to have a healthy relationship with my wife, care for and support a baby girl, and have enough time left to support my climbing habit?
Wig: Listen man. I get it, I really do. …

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[24 Apr 2008 | 7 Comments | 1,536 views]

So, here’s the deal, we are going to be posting some Q&A’s here on P&C. What’s on your mind? Send us your life’s questions and concerns and we will analyze and advise with our ever so wise council. If your question happens to get picked for posting and commenting it will receive solutions from all three P&Cers. Bonus!!! So bring it on, we are here for ya. (Warning: We are not opposed to hating as well as praising.)
Our first question comes from Shane …