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Cute Climber Girl of the Week #3

5 May 2008 6,507 views 2 Comments
posted by wig

This week I’m bringing you the cute climber of the week a little early. I figure it’s better to update this on Mondays. It’ll be a good way to start the week off right. Enjoy!

Name: Rebeka Charlotte Hamilton
Age: 25
Location: Tulsa for the next few days then DC!

Wig: Hi!
Beka: Hey!
Wig: I woke up not too long ago, so forgive me please if I’m slow going.
Beka: It’s cool, no worries. Had a bit to much to drink last night?
Wig: Actually I just stayed out too late. The bars here don’t close until 4 so went to a friends house around then. Left at 5:15 and the subways were not working in my favor so I didn’t get back until like 6:30
Sun was almost up.
I hate that.
Beka: Dang, that is a late night
Wig: Yup
Beka: Bars here close at 2 and they turn the ugly lights on at 1:30 so it’s never a super late night when you go out here.
Wig: Lame. How many bad decisions can you make before 2?!
Beka: It’s not too bad, just gotta follow up the night with a good house party. If I’m drinking enough I can make plenty of bad decisions before 2!
Wig: So when you got out in Tulsa, what’s your preferred drink combo to get you to that “good place”?
Beka: Start it off classy with a glass of wine over dinner, hit the bar and start slow with a beer or two then kick it up to Malibu Pineapples for the rest of the night. At least that was my progression last night and it worked out pretty smooth.
No major hangover and no bowing to the porcelain god.
Wig: You just had a birthday right?
Beka: Why yes I did. 25 was like a quarter life crisis for me. Spent it climbing at Quartz Mtn. for the Spring Fling
Wig: What’s in DC? Why the move?
Beka: Georgetown. I got accepted into the nursing anesthesia program up there. I’m gonna make big bucks so I can travel around and climb everywhere!
Wig: I know 3 guys and a girl that will let you be our surrogate mother
Beka: As long as everyone is past the breast-feeding stage I’m down
Wig: …you left that wide open, and I’m going to let it go. Okay so would you consider yourself a beach girl or a mountain girl?
Beka: Mountain girl who loves to vacation at the beach. It’s kinda hard to rock a bikini in the mountains, so I’ve gotta get to the beach at least once a year.
Wig: That’s completely understandable, and we thank you for your sacrifice.
Beka: Your welcome. I aim to please.
Wig: What’s the worst gift you ever received from a dude you were dating or wanted to date you (or just sleep with you)
Beka: Geez, I don’t think I have really gotten any bad gifts. I guess I would have to say a gift certificate to the mall. The most un-creative thing ever! Guys can score major creativity points with me
Wig: Well then what’s the best thing?
Beka: Climbing gear!
Wig: Climbing gear!? Do you know how hard it is to find a girl who thinks climbing gear is an appropriate gift! You’ve made thousands upon thousands of men’s dreams come true.
Beka: Yup, I was sent on a scavenger hunt all across the city with clues and along the way was different pieces of climbing equipment wrapped up as presents.
Wig: Damn
Beka: It’s a totally appropriate present, especially if it’s something you share together. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a cute Prana top with the gear too though.
Wig: Wow. Are there more of you?
Beka: I do have a sister, but she’s taken.
Wig: How old is your sis?
Beka: 23, she’s like married taken though.
Wig: wow! How’s that feel?
Beka: I’m thrilled for her! She just found her guy first. I’ll get mine.
Wig: Is he gonna be a climber?
Beka: Other guys exist? Yeah, I don’t think I could be with a guy that didn’t climb. It’s such a big part of my life. I can’t imagine being with someone who didn’t share that common interest. Plus, climber guys are hot! Who wouldn’t want to be with a climber?
Wig: I ask myself that question a lot. So how long have you been climbing?
Beka: Solid for about the last 2 years, I picked it up in college about 5 years ago but got serious about it in the last 2 years.
Wig: Most memorable send? Favorite climb?
Beka: Most memorable was probably the most painful. Out in Arkansas at Lake Lincoln, took two huge whippers in a row and bashed my knees up pretty good, it hurt like hell, I was crying the whole time but never came down till it was done.
Favorite…Morning Sky (5.10c) at Smith Rocks
Wig: Would you rather send 13b or V8?
Beka: hands down 13b.
Wig: Not a boulderer?
Beka: I climb harder than I boulder. Climbing just always seemed to click with me more than bouldering. Plus, when I got into it the people I hung with were all climbers
Wig: Now now, boulderers are climbers too. They get all pissy if you try to make that distinction.
Beka: True, I totally agree! We are all one big happy family. I would love to take my bouldering to the next level. I just haven’t worked on it as hard.
Wig: Ever gotten lucky on a climbing trip?
Beka: I plead the fifth!
Wig: well…fine. Is there any last thing our readers need to know about you? Ability to eat bananas whole? Super flexible?
Beka: I’m small but super strong, can eat an entire pizza by myself, kick ass at foosball, I’m the most bad ass nurse you will ever meet and lastly I’m nice and sweet as can be. I’m not sure how that paints a picture of me but for the most part I’m really laid back and cool, always up for hanging out and having a good time.
Wig: I keep forgetting you’re a nurse. That leaves you open to so many dominatrix and pornographic naughty nurse jokes.
Beka: Yeah, every time a new climber dude finds out I’m a nurse they always start in on the dirty nurse jokes with me…
Wig: How terribly unfortunate…



  • Andrew
    Andrew said:

    Beka, we will miss you down here in Okia land.

    • yedrek
      yedrek said:

      This site has a picture of her on the main page. http://costarica-beachfront.com/ It was one of those emails that gets sent out and tells you to buy real estate. I clicked it and was like wasnt she in Pimpin and Crimpin?

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