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CCGOTW: Heather

8 September 2008 1,609 views 6 Comments
posted by wig

It’s been a bit I know, but here’s another one. This is a special lady. She plays kickball. She shanks things. She will basically make you think you need to move to her locale immediately. Read the interview. Check the pictures. Leave a comment. Click through and check this girl out.

Name: Heather Jagger
Age: 24
Location: Corona, CA

Name: Heather Jagger
Age: 24
Location: Corona, CA
What kind of climbing do you normally find yourself doing?
Mostly bouldering in the gym because it’s what’s takes over the gym, but I always prefer top roping outside for sure
How long have you been climbing?
I’m just a wee one, only a little over a year.
Oh you ARE a wee one! So no leading for you yet huh?
I’ve lead a couple 5.10′s in the gym but not too much outdoors. I don’t trust my climbing THAT much yet. I’ve been known to accidentally skip a few clips and almost kill myself.
What’s your favorite outside crag?
The Quarry in Riverside. I love that place. Who else has benches!?
Wait. They have benches?
Yeah, it’s fan-freakin-tasic! Benches! Below every climb!
Like a lazy man’s (persons) crag.
That’s the one. Plus the climbs are great. They have everything. Only a guy killed himself there a couple weeks ago so that kind of put a damper on things…
I would say that’s more than a damper.
It really is. There’s blood all over a rock with a big X.
That’s… unnerving. Let’s move to lighter things if you were eating a fruit roll up do you piece it out and eat it slowly or do you shove the whole thing in your mouth at once?
Actually I wrap it around my finger and try to make it sharp like a prison shank and stab things with it. I used to throw it up against the window so it would stick and partially melt.
There was no possible better answer.
It’s just how I roll. I’m a known shanker around here.
What is your favorite micro brew?
As in beer?
Yes ma’am.
Fat Tire, but I can’t even finish one. I get so stuffed… and drunk, off just one. Yes it’s ridiculous. I know.
You’re saying one beer gets you drunk?
Yes sir. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles when you weigh 100 pounds and hardly ever drink. I’m a cheap date for sure.
Well… I can’t think of anything that’s not inappropriate to say in response to that so onto the next question. If you could spend a whole day climbing with one “professional” climber who would it be and why?
Oh man, I’m awful at knowing who anyone is. I just look at the pictures and read the articles in the mags. I don’t think I’d want to climb with anyone that good. I’d just feel inadequate. I’d much rather stick to my friends. I’d be way too intimidated.
Look at that picture of you in shorts, cowboy boots and some rainbow shit. THAT would be intimidating.
Hahaha well that was the plan.
Well it certainly worked.
I take kick ball very seriously. I’m way too competitive.
So you play kickball?
Yeah, our league is a bunch of gangsters and old people. It’s freakin bad. We were undefeated all season
That’s awesome
I even played on crutches. We don’t mess around. I caught one amazing ball in our last game. They stuck me in the outfield to be useless with my sprained ankle. It was like a scene from some kids movie where the ball was coming at my face so fast and I just put my arms out and caught it…That’s what she said…
Yes! Tell me how you feel about shirtless dudebrahs dyno-screaming at the gym in pursuit of female attraction.
Ahh! I want to punch them in the back of the head! But the worst, are the freakin’ dumb girls who come with their cleavage and pretend to know what they’re doing just to get the guys to look at them. I want to shank them too.
Use that fruit roll up.
I do, in my head…
What’s your favorite thing about climbing?
Hmmm… it’s always different. I mean there is always something new to try and something to challenge you. Plus you get to roll around in piles of chalk.
There’s always that.
There is… and I love being outside, of course.
Of course. What do you do when you’re not climbing?
I take pictures obsessively. I’m a photographer. Or I ride my freaking awesome bike around with my deer bell. I just got a yellow tandem bike. It’s A-MA-ZING. I always feel like I need a theme song playing when I ride it.

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  • Odub
    Odub said:

    Its entirely possible that I’m in love…

    • The Lucas
      The Lucas said:

      What a great place to have a mustache! If I had a ‘stash on my finger, I could use it as a boulder brush or dip it in pudding!
      I am completely intimidated.

      • Heather
        Heather said:

        HAHAHAA Did you add that song?? That’s AMAZING! I need a tiny radio to velcro to my bike so I can play it where ever I ride, I would have to dance.

        • Erica
          Erica said:

          My fiance and I LOVE cycling… on our wedding invitations I just sent out, I make a logo with a yellow tandem bike. I wanna see yours! ha

          • Erica
            Erica said:


            • Sesso
              Sesso said:

              Great site.

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