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CCGOTW: Kira Morris

5 November 2008 2,020 views 3 Comments
posted by wig
Shes a killa.

She's a killa.

Name: Kira Morris
Age: 21
Location: Galveston/Dallas

Aside from climbing what else do you that involves being outside?
I’m on the UNT triathalon team, so I do a lot of biking, running and swimming plus I surf and lifeguard on the beach.
Have you had the chance to save some lame asses that can’t swim?
All the time. I’ve had people fake drowning so that I would go out there in my red bikini.
That’s what I do. Has it ever worked?
Not really, I normally just get annoyed when anyone makes me get out of the lifeguard tower, plus the guys that do it are normally 12- 15 years old…
Why do you live in TEXAS?
It’s the greatest state in the nation, duh.
No, but seriously we used to move around a lot for my dad’s job, and I fell in love with the beach and lack of winter.



If you had to pick one dessert to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?
A super thick mint chocolate chip shake.
Who’s on first?
What? No, he’s on second.
What’s the secret to winning a girls heart?
Having skills. Lots and lots of skills like knitting and nunchucks.
That’s it?
Haha, I guess they also have to be funny and intelligent, and be willing to sit through at least one cheesy romantic comedy during one of the first couple dates.
This is good. Anything else?
Hmm, I dunno. I guess?
You and I clearly have different standards. Take this for instance: #12 Must be able to take shot of whiskey.
Ok ok, so we are talking standards like that. I’m using politically correct generic standards
these are my standards: 1# Has to be taller than I am. 2# Can’t listen to talk radio in my presence. 3# Can’t own a dog that you can pick up easily with one hand. 4# Does not pop their collar. #5 Does not refer to all women as “baby gurl.” #6 Drinks something other than solely Coors Light. #7 Can properly pronounce “sommelier.” #8 Has no photos on Facebook or Myspace of them being involved in a three or four way kiss.
Do you think it’d be weird if I guy got calf implants?
Yes. Very.
Deal Breaker?
Where’s one place you’ve never been climbing that you’d really like to go?

red helmet. awesome.

red helmet. awesome.

If you had $1000 and had to spend it today what would you buy?
A new tooth.
A new tooth!?!
I have porcelain veneers and I broke one last night. I super-glued it back in.
What’s your favorite meal from McDonald’s?
Gah. I have an intense love affair with Mcdonald’s… seriously.
The two things I get are a Big Mac, or the two cheese burger meal with extra ketchup.
Anything else you want your fans to know?
Just that im a Viking and everyone should be jealous.
I noticed. A sexy Halloween viking.
No, I really am an honest to god Viking. My grandparents immigrated from Sweden and my family and I are all members of a viking lodge.



really. shes a killa.

really. she's a killa.

uh huh.

uh huh.

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  • Casey Reid
    Casey Reid said:

    Hey Kira!! miss seeing you around!!

    • Dan Ives
      Dan Ives said:

      Haha! Can’t believe you received this prestigious award Kira! I definitely look forward to seeing the new cute girl, laughed pretty hard when your bloody face popped up. Haven’t been to Colorado??? Drop me a line, CO Springs is only 11 hrs from Denton.

      • Caleb
        Caleb said:

        Haha, awesome. Nice to see a Dentonite on here. Haven’t seen you in forever, hope all is well. You should climb the Red Point Riot, I think I will be there.

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