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CCGOTW: Kathleen Cargill

1 April 2009 2,880 views 4 Comments
posted by wig

Name: Kathleen Cargill
Age: 24
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
If you could send any route in the next six months what route would it be?
Amazon Woman at Quartz. I have toproped it before, but I think it’s a classic route that is tons of fun with many different styles of climbing all in one route and I would love to snag the lead.
What’s the lead like?
There are only four bolts in a hundred feet of climbing which makes it a tough lead mentally, and it switches back and forth from all slab to some tiny holds all the way up to the crux move near the top involving a dicey side pull on to the lip of the small roof.
I understand your birthday is coming up what are you going to do to celebrate?
Go to the spring gathering at Quartz Mountain of course and then hopefully a birthday trip to Horseshoe Canyon for some more climbing!
What do you do with yourself when you’re not climbing?
I wish I had more personal time, actually. The majority of my time is taken up by school and climbing, and when I am not doing that I love to do anything outdoors, ride my bike, camp, ski and of course hang out with my animals at home. I am also very lucky that my family lives in OKC because I am very close to them and I get to see them all the time.
Do you have a lot of animas?
I have three. Two cats and a pug.
A pug? Those cross-eyed, smushed-face dogs with breathing problems and curly tails?
Hey now, that is what makes Gus so cute, and he has bug eyes not cross eyes. His breathing problems don’t slow him down when we go climb and that’s all that really matters.
Who’s the hottest climber on the face of the planet?
To me what makes someone hot is a complete package, so my answer would have to be somebody I know, and since I have many guy friends that climb I don’t think it would be fair of me to answer that question. They might read this!
I ask this question all the time and I can never get a straight answer from any of you girls it’s like some secret thing you all won’t admit to. If I asked who the hottest celeb was you wouldn’t hesitate!
I’ll put it this way…I will never object to a good climbing trip with some excellent rock and a topless guy climbing for me to look at. Well defined abs and pecs are what get me every time!
What’s the best rest day activity on a climbing trip?
I think the best rest day activity would involve swimming in a nearby river if there is one. Followed by a campfire dinner, some guitar, good beer and good friends to converse with.
Tell me all about your S-Wall experience.
S-Wall is approximately 210 feet with only 3 bolts! (typical of Quartz). I pulled this lead off early enough in my climbing career that I was blissfully unaware of the consequences of a route being that run out. It was a great lead because the exposure is so intense, and it makes you really aware of how high you are and the route is definitely all there. It is a true classic slab route and it really gives you a sense of accomplishment when you are done. You don’t think about it while you are doing it, but its one of those looking back you think “I can’t believe I did that!” I really owe that lead to my friend Chris because he is the one that really helped me be mentally prepared to do it.
Speaking of Chris, want to tell everyone about your first official Whiskey Wednesday and how you nearly got us kicked out of the Downer and managed to beat up a man twice your size?
Well I think most of that can be contributed to the fact that Chris and I officially “went on vacation” the minute we arrived at the airport in OKC a little after nine in the morning, so needless to say by the time we arrived for our first official Whiskey Wednesday we were already “ahead of the curve” [editor note: they were totally drunk.] I guess all that climbing really built up my arm muscles more than I realized, so when I “teasingly” tapped my friend and politely asked him to step out of the pathway, to my surprise, he flew across the room and found himself a more than padded landing among several full glasses of beer on a table [editor note: like twelve glasses half of which shattered on the ground.] I personally will not admit to actually knocking them over.
If you had to choose between sex and dessert foods for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Well I guess I would have to choose sex because I am not that big on sweets, but if you asked me to make a choice between sex and McDonalds French fries I might have to think about it…
What’s the best part about being a climber in Oklahoma?
The camaraderie for sure. The climbing community in Oklahoma is so tight knit and all the people I meet through climbing turn out to be really amazing people. Surprisingly Oklahoma has some really great climbing too. I feel very lucky to have such great places so close to me.
What’s the worst thing about being a climber in Oklahoma?
The weather. It is almost impossible to plan a trip and know you will be able to go. For example five days ago they were forecasting the weekend to be sunny and in the mid to high 70′s and as of today it is supposed to snow all day tomorrow!
What’s your favorite television show?
I am embarrassed to admit this… I don’t have enough time to watch TV and pick a favorite show to follow, so when I do watch TV I get much amusement out of watching those trashy reality shows. Somehow they makes me feel so normal.
Which one’s your favorite?
Probably Survivor, I Love New York, the Bachelor and Tool Academy. Whatever seems to be on VH1 when I turn on the TV.
What’s the best crag music?
For me it would have to be Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, MGMT and Wilco.
Would you purchase this?
Looks like it could be interesting it would depend on how good it looked in my house!

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  • leinosaur
    leinosaur said:

    What, no x-rays? I guess a CCGOTW casualty report doesn’t set the same tone. Send the photog $$$ with the chalk bag, eh? I promise to buy Kentucky Deluxe with it!

    • Aimee
      Aimee said:

      True story. a friend of mine has that chair. It sits in the middle of his living room. I recognized that shiz as soon as I saw it. word.

      • WTF
        WTF said:

        Whyyyyy is this still the most recent CCGOTW?!?!?!

        • dirk
          dirk said:

          kathleen cargill is a giant fart eater. she is giant and eats farts. and she also eats giant farts. making her a giant fart eater in every sense of the term. i hope she falls off of one of those rocks and cries. but i’m sure she will just go eat a giant fart and feel all better.

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