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CCGOTW: Taylor

16 October 2009 7,915 views 10 Comments
posted by wig

Name: Taylor

Age: 19

Location: Boulder, CO

Hometown: Richmond, VA

How do you like Boulder?

I love it!  it’s beautiful, and I feel like there is literally good climbing ten minutes in any direction except east. Then its about 22 hours to really good climbing
What kind of climber are you and where do you like climbing the most?
I’m a route climber, and I can’t get over crimpy, face routes…very girly…and I love the New River Gorge more than any other place that I have ever climbed
except I don’t climb very girly-esque…I just really like crimps.
What are your training plans for the winter. Are you gonna work on your fitness like the rifletards do?
Haha HELL yeah.  Actually I don’t know…climb everday?  Is that a training plan?  There are a bunch of stuff I want to send at the New, so I guess technique and

getting my endurance back after bouldering for a year. I also see people run sometimes. That’s inspiring, but not quite inspiring enough.
What do you think about Verve shorts?
Um,  I’d go with kind of awesome and not appropriate. I mean who doesn’t want to climb naked?  Honestly.
Men everywhere salute you i’m sure of it. How do you deal with boys that hit on you in the gym?
I talk about my boyfriend.
I’ve never actually seen that be an effective means of repulsion…
Yeah…i’m also good at being awkward, so that sometimes scares them off, and if that doesn’t work then I just get them to belay me. One time I told a guy my boyfriend would beat the shit out of him if he didn’t stop bothering me, but that was a special case haha.

Geeze. What did he say to that?
I mean, he stopped bothering me.   I’m not a jerk I swear!  He was just being really obnoxious.
If you could be any rapper for a day who would you?
Easy-E. Without a doubt. He’s a badass and the leader of N.W.A.  and I’ve always wanted to be from Compton…
Virginia to Compton… I don’t see it, but whatever you think. Do you snowboard or ski or anything?
I snowboard!
Which is your favorite mountain out here?
Thats I hard one, I’ve had my worst and best days at Vail, but overall I would say

that Keystone is my favorite, Breck is a close second.
Have you climbed out of the country yet?
Kind of.  It’s a little shameful.  I went to Greece with my mom and forced her to let me climb, but I only ended up doing a 5.5 multipitch route with a climber I found at a restaurant. It was multipitch though, which is always good, and we got an amazing view of Meteora, Greece.
What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not climbing?
Quite honestly?  Cuddling is my second favorite activity I literally spend atleast 2 hours cuddling a day.
I feel like that’s a lot of wasted time… two hours. I mean… come on.
Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time at all…or something like that. Regardless its definitely not wasted!  It’s my 2nd favorite activity!

What are you majoring in?
Environmental engineering with a minor in geology.
You like rocks a lot huh?
I was literally just about to say that I like rocks.
Well, I can’t htink of anything else to ask you and this interview is really more of a formality anyway. Any words of wisdom you can leave us with? Anything really awesome we shoudl know about you?
I teach kids how to climb all summer and the most common words of wisdom I

give is telling middle schoolers to wear deoderant, so wear deoderant!  Climb routes, don’t boulder, go to the New and cuddle for at least 2 hours each day.

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  • jimmyb
    jimmyb said:

    “don’t boulder.”?????


    • Kyle
      Kyle said:

      Eazy-E died from AIDS… this is a turn off… Next

      • Sasha
        Sasha said:

        Come on Wig, if you can’t think of anything else to ask her, is she just not that interesting? Or are you pulling out the classic climber “got no game face”?

        • Andrew Tower
          wig (author) said:

          i’m not sure I know what that means. I think it just took so long in between I forgot how to ask people normal questions.

          • sockhands
            sockhands said:

            taylor does not “boulder” in the sense of projecting, spraying about projecting, then complaining about conditions. instead, she just sends blocks. aptly, in fact. checkerboard? word. furthermore, she secrectly knows that bloc is the best evar and agrees that the creek in rifle should be dammed up to make it a dws joint, or, exploded into a valley of blocks… which is, you know, a truth that we hold self-evident n shit.

            • youaren
              youaren'tserious? said:

              He actually asked her, “Would you rather sit and answer interview questions with my internet persona, Andrea Wiglet, or let me stuff my girthy flesh toned microphone into your mouth?”
              He didn’t like the answer so we are left with this.

              • justin
                justin said:

                i gotta give the girl props cause she can climb harder than i can can but come on, don’t hate on us pebble pirates.

                • Andrew Tower
                  wig (author) said:

                  Did anyone else see that all the pictures of her climbing are of her bouldering? come on…

                  and at you aren’t serious… anonymous scaredy. great joke…

                  • kate
                    kate said:

                    hey! its been a few weeks since you put kirsten up! where’s our next climber girl?

                    • John
                      John said:

                      wheres the next ccgotw?????????

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