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All Inked up…

27 February 2010 2,686 views 7 Comments
posted by bronco

So, as many of you know by now the Wigster has finally gotten a proper job. Someone finally pitied him enough to invite his presence into their work environment, good luck Urban Climber! No really, Wiglets is gonna do good things over there for those guys, so watch out! With that said, we, as in Wig and I decided to get a gym session in this morning over at Movement fitness, the official place of cool these days. Before we sunk our mitts into the plastic paradise, Wig and I stopped by his office, hahahahah, sorry, had to laugh that he has an office. Well, while he was doing some work, hahahahaha, I was cruising through some archived Urban Climber shananigans and found a 411 column that dealt with a dude named Samuel Wood.

Now, I’m sure Sam is a quaility dude. He probably likes chicks, beer, climbing, tattoos, most things that involve being young and awesome. However, there’s one thing he really likes, I mean likes enough to get tattooed on his forearm no less. We ain’t talking no pussy tattoo on your inner thigh, lower abdomin or your foot, I’m talking smack dab in the middle of his forearm for all the world to see that he, yes you Sam, has a crush on Chris Sharma. There, I said it. As far as climbing celebs go, man-crushes always lead to Sharma, he’s the Brad Pitt of our little niche, but come’on Sam, did you really have to go and get Sharma’s signature inked on your forearm? Really? Well, he did, it’s forever…FOREVER!

Scope the full 411 here…

Sam, if you’re out there and reading this, email us, we want to do a follow up article in 20 years.


  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood said:

    Dat’s my bro! Pretty sweet tat but the crazy bastard probably won’t make it to the 20 year follow up though lol.

    • Mr Gross
      Mr Gross said:

      We all know exactly where he is coming from, I for one am just a little freaked about getting tatoos

      • Sam Wood aka Big S
        Sam Wood aka Big S said:


        Dude, thanks for adding this to your pimpin&crimpin site! Great stuff, especially the Cute Climbing Girl Of The Week category! If ya get hard up for chicks to interview I have a couple in mind that are in my area! Yeah, dude, you totally called me out – I gotta man crush on Chris Sharma. For his generation, I feel like he’s the man. Being that I’m into tats, I didn’t hesitate to get his signature inked into both my forearms. Actually, I’m not sure what he was going for on my left arm but I got it inked anyways (I’m pretty sure he was pretty stoned when I met him!). The climbers in my local climbing scene think I’m totally nuts to have a tat of Sharma’s signature – And, yeah, I probably am – but no worries! In fact, if other pro climbers wanted to sign my arm, I’d get them inked in. And, yeah, my bro is right; since I gotta bad track record with climbing accidents I doubt I’ll be around in 20 years to send ya that email! In the event of my death, though, y’all can hack off my arm and throw it in a big jar with some fluid to preserve it and put it on display or something. haha peace

        • Wig
          Wig said:

          fuck em. you’re rad.

          • Genius
            Genius said:


            • Sam Wood aka Big S
              Sam Wood aka Big S said:

              Hah Thanks, Wig! Actually a guy wanted me to sign his arm while I was at the gym last night. So I kinda find it hillarious. peace fellas. btw Lookin’ forward to what you’re gonna do with Urban Climber, Wig.

              • ffxiv gil
                ffxiv gil said:

                my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with

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