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[12 Aug 2009 | 25 Comments | 1,127 views]

For sometime now Mancamp (P and C Headquarters) has been referring to Tommy Caldwell as Time Child. I think Limit started it and no one even knows what it means but it seemed like the right thing to call him. Plus it’s the same initials. We’re sorry Tommy, but we respect you too much to leave you out.

Anyway. We were drinking last night (surprise…) and were reminiscing about some of the things we’ve seen or heard of Time Child do…

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[20 Jul 2008 | 6 Comments | 125 views]

I was inspired by Bronco’s endorsement strategy for the president. Of course! Who would win in a fight? That’s perfect! I thought maybe we should have a different sort of fight every week. Mine is a little more twisted it’s less who wins in a fight and more who wins the most categories. To start I’m bringing two heavyweights to the ring to duke it out and determine who finally is the baddest ass of them all.



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[9 Jun 2008 | 2 Comments | 66 views]

With a name like ‘The Monastery‘ you may think your cragging experience religious as you foray through spines of stone high above the Big Thompson river. Well, I guess that hinges on whether you send or don’t send. However, everyone can find something that satisfies their soul at this shischt/gneiss sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for sandbagged Tommy Caldwell steepness, moderate slabs, or classic face climbing you are sure to find something to thank the gods for. Additionally, The Monastery is…