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Whiskey Wednesday

12 November 2008 9 views 3 Comments
posted by wig


Adam Ondra

We watched Sharp End finally. It’s amazing. There’s a section with little tiny awkward Adam Ondra just pissing all over hard routes. The kid seriously crushes. Like. Seriously. I never thought about it really.

Then I remembered a little blurb I saw on Climbing.com last week about some onsight he did of a route called Hotel Supramonte. Did I mention the route is 5.14a? No? Well yeah, he onsighted a 14a. I know that’s not completely ridiculous this day and age especially with Ondra considering he’s done two 5.15as in a week. Right after his 15th birthday. The route though is also 10 pitches long. No pitch is easier than 12c.

I think that’s pretty rad. I think that deserves some serious recognition. Limit just barely onsighted ONE pitch 12c last week, and that’s pretty much at the top of the game for us. Then again. We’re pretty much worthless at everything that involves climbing except the after parties (aka every night when I get home).

Raise your shot glasses to Ondra tonight. In another 30 some odd years maybe he’ll be able to drink with us. Fucking kids…

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