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CCGOTW: Kaitlyn Sheehan

13 November 2008 3,322 views 5 Comments
posted by wig

Name: Kaitlyn Sheehan
Age: 20
Hometown: Chicago IL
Current Location: The Bubble, CO

How did you get started climbing?
Around the winter of my freshman year here my friends Max and Greg took me to the Spot. It was an instant attraction I suppose. I didn’t really get outside until this summer then I found out what it’s really all about.
And what do you think?
It’s one of my favorite things to do! Definitely top three. I love days when I get to spend the whole time outside climbing, and the people I’ve met are pretty cool too.
What are the other two?
Laughing and making out.
Who’s your favorite Chi-town rapper?
Well he’s not from The Chi but Warren G kicks ass. I like to kick it old school. Regulate is one of the best rap songs.
I noticed on your Facebook. You’re in a relationship…with a cat.
I really do not wish to discuss this… But if you know this cat you will know he is a very special cat. He has a way with words, I think its his French upbringing
Which episode of Southpark is your favorite?
Oh man you’re hitting me with the big guns now. I’d have to say Lord of the Rings, that shit is hilarious.
I can’t get of over the World of Warcraft, Guitar Queero and Imagination Land
Anything with Cartman is worth watching
If magically a guy appeared in front of you with a guitar what song could he play that would instantly render you mushy and exploitable.
Well the backstreet boys have certainly tugged at my heartstrings in years past
No, but I am sucker for Van Morrison or his music at least.
You mean like Moondance or Dancin in the Moonlight?
Those are good, but not his best.
So it takes something extra special?
It has to be extra special. I don’t render mushy easily.
So what would it take?
A serenade in the right context would get me a little mush, but just straight up would make me squeamish.
Right… but what’s the REAL ticket.
Well I guess I have to give away my secret…chocolate.
And a good laugh. You gotta break me down piece by piece. THEN you could do the love song.
If you were going to have an article written for a climbing magazine about you tomorrow what would you want it to be about?
Probably hard sport. I just started sport climbing and it’s rad. I normally don’t climb more than 15 feet. So I would love to one day be able to climb more than 15 feet of hard sport without forgetting to clip or forgetting my harness. That happens occasionally
What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about living in Boulder?
My favorite is being able to cross the street without looking whenever I damn well please and… It’s a utopia! There is so much at your fingertips. My least favorite are the Haters. For a town that reps peace and love there are quite a few people who look down upon you for being too cliche. I really like drinking Kombucha, doing yoga, and going to the Mountain Sun. No need to poke fun. I also don’t like it when people cross the street right in front of me when I’m driving. I mean come on!

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  • wader
    wader said:

    The first photo in the snow: I remember that about a week ago, we were all at The Park and I was wearing thin running shoes and I couldn’t feel my toes, thank god for kaitlyn had her self a extra pair of sock’s and I had myself a couple of beer’s…. Werd!

    • JVonD
      JVonD said:

      Kaitlyn kicks ass!

      • Jon
        Jon said:

        I climbed with Katie in yosemite on Selaginella. We also climbed on the apron with Dirk and Erica Lyon…I remeber doing pushups st the belay because since the apron is a slab we wanted an arm workout too.

        Fun times…

        • Hollie Powell
          Hollie Powell said:

          Backstreet boys is a very popular band during my teenage years, they are great performers too.*,.

          • Plastic Pond 
            Plastic Pond  said:

            south park is quite violent sometimes but still it is a great cartoon’~-

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