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The Hollywood Guide to Climbing

4 April 2009 708 views 9 Comments
posted by limit
1. When free soloing, always cary a full rack. A hands free headset can’t hurt either.

2. Nitro Glycerin should be on the checklist of every high altitude SAR team. Who knows when you’re gonna need to blow some shit up? Be prepared folks. But just remember, this stuff is HIGHLY explosive when exposed to direct sunlight.
3. If you can’t figure out more efficient beta on a free solo onsight, you can always fall back on the tried and true Reverse Iron Cross.
4. If you’re training for the Eiger, it’s usually a good a idea to have a topless Indian woman to run around in the desert with you.
5. And for Pete’s sake, ALWAYS check you mutherfuckin’ safety. A whistle will help with this task.

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  • andrew bisharat
    andrew bisharat said:

    That Vertical Limit clip never gets old, Limit. Hey, is that where your name came from?

    • Eli Powell
      Eli Powell said:

      Eiger Sanction is the best. Did you know that topless woman had the first breasts implants shown in a movie?

      • arnold
        limit (author) said:

        you have no idea how happy it makes me that our readers know things like that…

        • tissue
          tissue said:

          um. you forgot about the 7′ dyno to get into position for the reverse iron cross. because sometimes a 5.11 pitch at the end of a 300′ onsight free solo isn’t enough to get the blood goin’.

          • The John P.
            The John P. said:

            As I recall, it was more like a 7′ down dyno to get himself into that sticky situation with the iron cross. See the full clip here: