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CCGOTW: Shannon Guillot

8 July 2009 3,045 views One Comment
posted by wig

Name: Shannon Paige Guillot
Age: 25
Location: NYC
What do you do in NYC?
Grad school, human rights
That’s what you’re in grad school for?
What does that mean?
That’s why I’m in school. Still trying to figure that one out.
What’s the best thing about climber boys?
Seeing their ass on climbs.
You’re an ass girl?
I hate pinning myself into one category, but yes – they are nice.
What’s the worst thing about climber boys?
Smelly asses.
How do you like being a climber in NYC?
It’s limiting. I find I have to be much more intentional, especially with grad school.
Does that mean a lot of time in Central Park at such beacons of bouldering beauty like Shit Rock?
Yeah, found myself at Rat Rock quite frequently avoiding glass bottles.
I found a condom once. Who’s having sex at Rat Rock near the children’s park?
It’s New York, probably the kids
Speaking of, what’s your favorite thing to do in the city?
Walk around. If you walk long enough you go from upscale east side to Spanish Harlem. It’s interesting to see the transformation so fast. Oh, and going to Cheap Shots.
So trashy, so great.
What have you been listening to the most of lately?
It’s interesting you ask this question. I’ve been having issues with music as of late. I like depressing, but everything seems so happy. The most, probably Bon Iver
Who would you rather have on your side in a bar fight John Mcclain or Chuck Norris?
Chuck Norris. Duh. I wouldn’t lose.
You ever been in a bar fight?
Yes actually.  This guy kept acting inappropriately towards my friend Jessica, so Jessica, our friend Lacy and I surrounded him. Jessica reamed him, and I grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the balls
Was that it?
Yeah, he doubled over, and we left him to think about his decisions.
Who would you rather have sex with then John Mcclain or Chuck Norris?
Never turn your back on someone that helped you win a bar fight, so definitely Chuck.
Where’s one place you’d really like to go climbing one day?
Southern France. I have yet to make it to France. San Sebastian is the closest I’ve been, and my last name is Guillot, so I figure II need to make it out there. By the way, San Sebastian has some good bouldering if any of the readers make it out there. Oh, you know what, I would also like to go to Thailand. Beaches under your climbs. You could just jump in the ocean when you’re done.
What’s a typical day look like for you when you’re not in school?
Well I’ve been hanging out at my parents house in Galveston the past few weeks, so I usually wake up, do some reading, walk to the beach, go to a coffee shop down the road and then finish the day cycling along the San Luis pass. They closed the only climbing gym close to me, and there are no mountains here. Sucks, but I’ll be in Boulder for all of August!
What are you going to do in Boulder?
Climb and hang with friends.
Anything in general you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?
I want to climb hard and finish my thesis. That would be a good end of the year to me.
Leave us with some Shannon words of wisdom.
How about I leave you with the words of one of my regulars from Woody’s Beach Bar?
“Hold your drink in the air… here’s… here’s to the fourth of JU-ly… here’s… to everything that God gave us in this here land America. Fuck yeah.”

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  • Shane
    Shane said:

    I know all three of those girls in the bar fight and I would not mess with them as a trio. I might be able to take down one of them if they were alone…maybe.

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