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Whiskey Wednesday: Cedar Wright

14 January 2009 223 views 7 Comments
posted by wig

Cedar is getting Whiskey Wednesday for a few reasons. First and foremost because he promised to buy me a special tonight at the downer. Beyond that though Cedar has begun teaching me the finer more nuanced parts of the climbing life. I have no idea what it must be like to be a pro climber. The only real clude I have about is that you get to climb a whole lot which I have gotten to do lately since I don’t have a job. Cedar seems to have his shit figured out though. He’s a North Face athlete, a world traveler and total baller–just look at that hat…He rolled in and after the same chit chat you give all new people you meet, I asked him why he was in Boulder. “My friends are here.” He said it like “Duh.” Of course it makes sense. That I suppose is why I moved. We continue the convo and somehow it turned to climbing soul and bit of bullshit that goes along with it. Basically what I gleaned from him was that right now he’s got the soul right now that makes him want to pull sick problems in the spot while he hangs out with cool dudes and cute girls and does a fair amount of drinking in between. Amen. I say Tis the Season bitches.

Raise your glass to Cedar tonight and embrace the cold no-climbing weather and get strong in the gym, flirt with someone new, and drink your face off.

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