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Shit We Like: Prana

4 March 2009 1,484 views 9 Comments
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Yep, you heard me right, Prana! Prana has been making fully functional aesthetic clothing for climbers for the past 16 years. You’ve seen their poster boy sporting the Prana logo from Spain to Bishop and everywhere in between. Not to mention Prana’s other atheletes: Steph Davis, Katie Brown, Paul Robinson, Alex Johnson, and a host of others. Let’s be honest here, Prana makes THE male go-to short for climbing, the Mojo! I’ve never known a male climber worth his salt that hasn’t at one point in time owned a pair. They’re the real deal!

Starting small, Prana made it work in the climbing/yoga game, and as many of you know, sold their company to Liz Claiborne. At the time, I knew several individuals that were less than thrilled with this “sell out.” Whatever! Get over yourselves! They still made rad clothing, they still had the same stinkin designer, they still loved climbers and yogsters! If you were a nah-sayer, have no fear, the company is back in the hands of those you held dear (I’m a rhymer, what can I say)! So, stop your crying pansy party, get with the program, and scope the new Shizzzzy from Prana! Not only does this company do good stuff for the environment, it makes a good product inspired by and for YOU! Also, if you’re in our neck of the woods check their nearly new store on the corner of Broadway and Pearl in Bouldarado!

Okay, here’s the Real Deal:

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  • furry said:

    As much as I’ve tried to avoid the “super-rad-boulder-puff-puff” image of Prana, I must admit the Mojos are the best climbing short, nay, shorts in general ever made.

    • Andy said:

      I thought it was Prada?

      • bronco (author) said:

        Blah Blah, Prada wouldn’t stand on Voo offiwidth, a single pitch at the Creek, or a Session in Bishop! Prana does!

        • Tomb said:

          i understand your comment asking people to “stop the crying pansy party”. and i know prana makes decent stuff (i have a good pair of pants from them!).

          But this post reads WAY too much like a commercial…i was looking for the text at the bottom telling me to call in the next 15 minutes for a free chalk bag or something.

          sure, i know you like the stuff and there are some great climbers that represent the company. but stop trying to sound the like the Sham-wow guy already.