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So You Wanna be a Blogger?

27 March 2009 1,353 views 8 Comments
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Blah Blah Blah!  Everyone’s got something to say these days.  Most people over the age of 7 seem to have a blog/facebook/twitter/myspace/flicr complex.  We at P&C are no different.  The Social Media craze is crashing into the climbing world with a vengence!  Pro Blogs, Readers blogs, Tick lists, Fan pages, and on and on and on!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  I have facebook friends from places I’ve never been too, never want to go, and hopefuly never meet, however, these “friends” know where I’m at and what I’m doing.  Weird!

I have to admit though, I am a hypocritical blogger.  I don’t really read anyone else’s site except my own.  Blogs are boring.  You have the ‘This is what I’m sending,’ detailed beta, spray guy blogs.  The painfully detailed trip report from a 3 month trip to the Valley blog.  The training blogs.  The ‘I sit at my office and dream of climbing, but I’ve never made it outta my local gym’ blog.  Well, you get the idea.  I saw it coming, this whole blog thing.  It started with Rockclimbing.com and Mountainproject.com.  Giving climbers a forum to bitch and moan about grades, ethics, routes, gear and so on was the catalyst.  Armchair mountaineers were getting slammed for opinions, so the next best thing to get their point across, start a fucking blog!  All you, all the time.  You control the content, the comments, the layout, the whole Kit and Kubootal!  Exciting.  Well, if you’re reading this and thinking of jumping into this exciting world known as blogging, let me take you into the very complex world of Pimpin and Crimpin’s philosopy on blogging.

Drink Whiskey and write shit down!  No, I’m just kidding sometimes we actually climb.

Here is a list of approved blogs/Media sites that are NOT boring and actually worth your time:

1.  ClimbingNarc.  Serious content, news and such!

2.  Deadpoint Mag.  The future of media!  Interactive online magazine with visual stimulation and shit.

3.  Cryptochild.  Jason’s site of bueno material with video, pics, and other stuff you will find worth while.

4.  MistyMurphy.blogspot.com. Always something funny.

5.  JoeKindkid.  Usually pretty awesome stuff pumped from here.

6.  Highinfatuation.  Steph’s site is pretty rad, good format and good content!

Just remember, if you’re thinking about starting a blog, look at these and ask yourself if you have something better/different/more interesting to say, if the answer is yes, then do it!  If the answer is no, then take that shot of whiskey and do it anyways.  Drunk people always say/write something entertaining.

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  • Phil Sheard said:

    Good post and I can identify with your last point – “can you offer something different?”

    Last year I started a blog at http://www.rock-climbing-blog.com. I did everything right – the website address, the style, I’m second place in Google, for example…

    …except I’ve not been able to commit time to writing for it.

    Be prepared to write 2-3 posts each week of about 300 words each.

    If you want to blog but don’t have the technical skills, leave a comment on mine and I’ll happily hand over the reigns to the right crimper.

    Leave a comment – http://www.rock-climbing-blog.com/about#comments