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Training with Limit #1

6 May 2008 68 views 2 Comments
posted by limit

As of today we’re starting a new mini series: Training With Limit. Why? Well it’s spring, climbing season is swinging into full force, and the project list is starting to grow long. You DO have a project, right? Now anybody who knows me is probably a little confused by this since I’m rarely seen wondering around like a douchstick squeezing my DynaFlex powerball, trying to coax fluid out of a Grip Master, or fondling my Chinese balls. While I’m sure these devices work wonderfully, I’m pretty insecure in my own coolness and masculinity and these things all seem slightly homo erotic to me. I want confirmation of my own manhood whenever possible which means I feel compelled to watch movies like Shoot Em Up and hate on the Backstreet Boys. Training for climbing is no different. I want it, more than being effective, to make me feel like a man, not some panty waist running around compulsively squeezing rubber balls.

That’s ground rule numero uno-Train Like a Man.
Ground Rule number two is simple. A training method’s effectiveness is only measured by how sore it makes you the next day.

Part #1-Forearms
So if you are like me and are too proud(or scared) to use all those wonderful commercial forearm training products, what are you gonna do? Get yourself a Jackhammer! Now this is between you and me, but I have tried all those little gadgets but in the privacy of my own closet. And honestly, all of them fail to get my massive pythons sore. But the jackhammer? Now that thing gets me so sore I whine like a little bitch the next day. Go to the Bosch Store and get yourself one of these puppies and start pounding up your driveway. When that’s gone, get to work on your street and local freeways. If people give you shit, just tell them “hey, come off bro. Fuckin’ Limit told me too.” It’s a little known secret that his line can get you out of almost any bind. And if you keep up the regimen for two weeks, I guarantee that not only will your arms will be so sore you can’t unlock you front door you will also feel like more of a man than Sylvester Stallone. And your arms might just get as big as mine. And you might just send you project.

Think you know how to train like a man? Send you training ideas or questions to In the next instalment of Training with Limit, we’ll be focusing on abs.



  • dachoppera
    dachoppera said:

    i’ve seen you play with your chinese balls on more than one occassion

    • jacob
      jacob said:

      love the photo

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