Whiskey Wednesday!!

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At first I was going to give the WW to the Alpinist (which, if you haven’t heard, has closed shop). That was until I read this thread on Mountainproject and realized that I love to hate the people who love to love Alpinist. Then I was going to give it to Alex Puccio for the shit she’s been crushing. But a minute ago, I realized that today is Wig’s birthday. How often do you get a birthday on a Whiskey Wednesday?!  And since Wig was THE guy who got the crew PSYCHED about the Sundowner and the WW, I had to pay him due tribute.

All I have to say about Wig is that he is simultaneously the most irresponsible and charismatic person I’ve ever met. The guy has talked me into doing more dumb shit than anybody I know. He talked me into leading S-wall, which is 5.9, 220 feet, and 3 bolts. Jesus. He’s also talked me into doing things with my money(usually the Casino) I usually wouldn’t dream of. Allow me to illustrate.

A couple years when we used to live together we were shit broke. We were usually broke, but that day it was BAD– we probably had $40 between the two of us. We had scammed enough gullible kids with rich parents into paying for our gas on a climbing day trip. We had made a gas station pit stop and we’re wondering around looking at shit, and he finds this electric flyswatter. It’s one these contraptions which looks like a fly swatter but uses batteries and claims to actually electrocute insects. Wig spent 30 minutes convincing me that this thing was AWESOME. It does shock the little fuckers with like 1500V, so he may have had a point.

It cost like $15 which was damn near 40% of our combined disposable income.And andrew wants to buy it! To me, that’s the height of irresponsibility. But you know what? He talked me into helping buy that piece of shit. Left to my own devices, an electronic fly swatter is the LAST thing i would ever buy, especially not with a maxed out credit card and 20 bucks in the bank. That folks, is Charisma. It’s why I love the Wig-he can talk you into doing shit that nobody else on earth ever could. Except, possibly, Sienna Miller giving you bedroom eyes.

Cheers mutherfucker.! Lets get drunk.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 Main, Whiskey Wednesday

6 Comments to Whiskey Wednesday!!

  1. Ang

    Happy Birthday Andrew!!! When are you going to grace us with your presence?

    Ang on October 22nd, 2008
  2. wig

    we’ll see how much birthday money I can wrangle. hopefully within the next week? who knows.

    wig on October 22nd, 2008
  3. Ang

    good, cause we miss you :(

    Ang on October 22nd, 2008
  4. AB

    Wow, Wig came to mind in third place after the Alpinist douchebags who are living a lie and Alex Puccio …

    that’s pretty good, Wig!

    AB on October 23rd, 2008
  5. aleksandra shineleva

    i fucking love you!!

    aleksandra shineleva on October 23rd, 2008
  6. Jacob

    Neither Michael nor I are rich. But we did get scammed from time to time, that is true.

    Jacob on October 27th, 2008

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