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posted by wig

I NEVER thought I’d say that The North Face made shit I liked, but I am. I remember working in a gear shop in college and making fun of every last sorority girl that bought a Denali fleece. I knew they made other stuff and they had bad ass athletes on their climbing roster, but that stigma stuck with me until very recently. I’ve had the opportunity to climb and drink with a few of TNF’s elite and after closer inspection found out The North Face is making some seriously rad urbanite clothing for the rock warriors that want to have a little steeze.

Here are a few things I yanked off their site just to prove to you that they have some rad shit coming out. Check it out or something.

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Monday, January 19th, 2009 shit we like

10 Comments to Shit We Like: TNF

  1. that yellow blue coat made me puke a little. otherwise not bad. i tried on that jacket at the very bottom just today at a shop near here. it wasn’t bad.

    Tomb on January 19th, 2009
  2. still gay….

    randall pink on January 19th, 2009
  3. I’m not even going to lie a little bit - I thoroughly enjoy the blue & yellow jacket, I kind of like it more in Purple&Green though. Is that wrong…?

    gina jean on January 19th, 2009
  4. so they still coddle to the urbanite-outdoor-fashionista… how is that a departure from the denali fleece craze? yeah, they’ve got some rad climbers on their roster, and those dudes crank and look good in tnf hoodies, but they still aren’t making much that’s of use in the mountains.

    furrymurry on January 20th, 2009
  5. MAURY. shut up. Cedar is headed to Patagonia soon, but I’m sure their gear is “not much use in the mountains” to him.

    wig on January 21st, 2009
  6. further proof that their shit sucks.

    Adam on January 22nd, 2009
  7. Their bags are blooming indestructable. Mine has undergone more use in two years of urban travelling than your’s ever will on the hill.
    What do you lot wear when your not in extremis? This is a lot more practical, hardwearing and comfortable than stuff Abercrombie, MandS, Topshop or other high street brands make. And it is uncommon, giving the wearer a token notion of individualism that is hard to come by.
    Whilst still a bit out of place it drags a small part of what you do into the grey monotony of the urban sprawl.

    cjeam on January 25th, 2009
  8. don’t know where you’re from dude, but go to any, ANY, college campus and it is certainly not uncommon.

    Adam on January 27th, 2009
  9. Neither is Patagonia, mammut, marmot, or anything. The point is they made some stuff that’s less techy and kind of cool. They are just clothes what’s wrong with you people.

    wig on January 27th, 2009
  10. C’mon dude, don’t you know that arguing about nonsense is what unites us as a community (well, that and making up excuses as to why that new Vdumb problem didn’t go down)! Get with the program.

    Adam on January 30th, 2009

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