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10 March 2009 17 views 8 Comments
posted by wig

We have absolutely no idea what twitter is. At all. It seems stupid. Tell a bunch of people what we’re doing? Why? Can’t I do that on facebook already without having another place to sign in? Why give status updates to a bunch of people that don’t really care anyway.

“I’m brushing my teeth. It’s good.”

“I’m taking a bathroom break. It’s good.”

“I climbed today. It’s good.”

Well none of this make sense but it didn’t stop me and Bronco from getting one anyway. We keep saying that they will be for strictly PandC business only but I’m sure you’ll hear about what we ate for dinner and when we smoke cigarettes before too long  if you follow our “tweets.” Who knows.

What you will certainly also see, though is the process of updating the blog. I know we’ve been super slackers lately and it’s lame but we’re trying to roll out some new stuff. Shirts. Posts. Sections. Site designs. All that shit.

If you want to stay privy to all the new junk that’s going on and maybe why we didn’t post when you wanted us to then click on these links and check out what we’re saying.

Wig’s Twitter

Bronco’s Twitter

I promise there are better posts coming today but I wanted to get this one out of the way because it’s certainly the stupidest thing I’ve ever written for this site. I apologize.

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  • marks
    marks said:

    sooooooo,,, what are you wearing?

    • Andrew Tower
      wig (author) said:

      a bottle of whiskey. That’s it.

      • steph davis
        steph davis said:

        now that you’re on twitter, we can communicate without speaking, even MORE!! well, I’m excited! xxxS

        • Anne
          Anne said:

          How about an email feed (rather than just RSS) for P&C? And yes, I will still twitter you…