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Shit We Like: The Love Muffin

1 March 2009 21 views 5 Comments
posted by bronco

Coffee shops come and go. Nothing really distinguishes one from the other. Honestly, what do you need? Fancy Italian Espresso machine, check; young tattooed girl with a nose piercing taking your money, check; pastries, check; some indie bull shit playing in the background, check; wi-fi, check; awful pre-made microwavable burritos, check; and some strange “art” on the wall that I could have drawn with my big toe. Rarely do you stumble across something different and actually cool. The java store turnover ratio is no different in Moab, Utah. I’ve been coming here for the past 4 years and every time I’m here it seems there’s a new en vogue place to rest, relax, read, sip coffee, and nibble munchies.

She's on her break.

Mondo was the first place I remember, and honestly, I still dig that place. However, it fell to the wayside of the Red Rock cafe, which coincidently was across the street. Now, the new hotspot for Moab locals, 4×4 barons, Mt. Bikers, Climbers and all other Moab touristas, is The Love Muffin. Pretty much, it covers all the above criteria for coffeeshopness, however, it actually makes your vegan/green chile/organic buritto fresh, and well, they’re pretty damn good. Not only that, but the love is in the Muffins! Really really good muffins! After that, its the same as every other cafe with the word bean, java, and grind in the name. I guess I’m putting it on Shit We Like because, well, I’m joining the crowd on this one and conforming to Moab’s coffee culture. I’ve gotta be honest though, I am a sucker for coffee shops, no matter how abnormally conforming they are. I like watching people. I like coffee. I like burritos and shitty indie music. I like WIFI. I like art that I could produce with my big toe. I like the tattooed girl with the nose ring taking my money!

So, if you find yourself here in the eclectic culture that is Moab, be sure to stop by The Love Muffin. Order a cup, grab a muffin, and tip the girl behind the counter. It’s on the main drag and the West side of the road. Do it!

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  • Walter
    Walter said:

    Dude, you rock! As I’m sitting here in the library trying not to bash my head into the desk studying for this weeks ridiculous test, you’ve made me laugh time and again. Congrats on the bar! Licensing exams SUCK! Just wanted to say thanks!